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Interview Opportunity: Wild salmon stocks in crisis

Thursday, August 13th 2009 5:15:14pm

Interview Opportunity
Wild salmon stocks in crisis

British Columbia's wild salmon stocks have shrunk dramatically this year.  10.6 million salmon were expected to flow through the Fraser River; only 1.7 million came.  

This precipitous decline represents a serious danger to the future of BC's wild salmon, as well as the ecosystem and industries that rely on them.  Biologists Alexandra Morton and Stan Proboszcz are available to speak on this crisis.  

They can be contacted to discuss the following points:

• Threats to BC's wild salmon
• Causes of massive decline
        • Warming of Fraser River basin
        • Overfishing
        • Impacts of open net-cage salmon farms
• Ecological and economic consequences of massive decline or collapse
        • Wilderness tourism and commercial fishing impacts; impacts to coastal communities and First Nations
        • Ecosystem importance of salmon
• Potential solutions
        • Fallow the open net-cage salmon farms on the out migration routes of wild juvenile salmon
        • Regulatory change
        • Closed containment

To schedule an interview with Alexandra Morton and/or Stan Proboszcz please call:

Alexandra Morton

Biologist - Raincoast Research Society
or 250-974-7086 (cell)

Stan Proboszcz

Fish Biologist - Watershed Watch Salmon Society
604-314-2713 (cell)