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Release of the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario 2008/2009 Annual Report - Building Resilience

Thursday, October 1st 2009 10:48:00am

Media Advisory

Release of the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario 2008/2009 Annual Report - Building Resilience

There are two parts to the release of the Environmental Commissioners Report - a Media Conference at the Queen's Park Media Studio followed by Web-based Briefing session.  

Queen's Park Media Conference
1:00 pm, October 6, 2009
Queen's Park Media Studio


• The full text of the Annual Report and background documents will be placed on the Environmental Commissioners website www.eco.on.ca at 9:00 a.m.
• Hard copies of the Annual Report will be circulated at the event.
• Media not currently accredited by the QP (Legislative Assembly)  Media Gallery must register with the Press Gallery Coordinator Gerald Christopher - Room 387A or 416-325-7922, if they intend to participate in the media conference

Online Media Conference
2:30pm, October 6, 2009 (duration 1 hour)

This session is designed for the convenience of media unable to attend the Queen's Park Media Conference, or who have supplementary questions arising after reviewing the Backgrounder. There will be bilingual support for the online media conference.

If time allows, Commissioner Miller will answer questions from non-media, but only after the media inquires have been satisfied.

Pre-registration is required through the ECO website at www.eco.on.ca/eng.

This password will be needed to log in to the event: ECO2009Report

Media Contact:

Hayley Easto, Communications and Outreach Coordinator Environmental Commissioner of Ontario
Phone:  416.325.3371 - with interview requests and related inquiries