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Who needs Harper at Copenhagen?

Saturday, November 14th 2009 8:43:20pm

Who needs Harper at Copenhagen?

The people of Ontario are building sustainable energy projects on their own

(Friday, November 13, 2009) Canada’s inactions regarding climate change are widely known and at the upcoming conference this December in Copenhagen Stephen Harper can expect to be highly criticized.  Meanwhile, hundreds of Ontario residents who are fed up with the lack of action are attending the 1st Annual OSEA Community Power Conference Nov 15-16, 2009 to learn how they can produce clean green energy in their communities and take advantage of the first feed-in tariff in North America that will make Ontario the most innovative renewable energy leader.

There is much excitement in the province of Ontario with the 2009 Green Energy and Green Economy Act and the recent provincial funding announced by Minister Smitherman in Sept 2009.  There are opportunities for individual homeowners to corporations, farmers and First Nations to become generators of green, clean energy.

Former Energy and Infrastructure Minister George Smitherman who championed the Green Energy and Green Economy Act will provide the keynote address on Monday, November 16th.

`This is a chance for players in the sustainable energy and community power sectors to come together, exchange knowledge and share best practices, remarked Kristopher Stevens, Executive Director of OSEA.  It’s a unique opportunity and one that will definitely change the landscape of Ontario for the best.`

The goal of the conference with the conference host the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) is to build community networks and local energy solutions that will lead to Ontario’s 100% sustainable energy future.

While the focus has been on the vocal minority who oppose renewables especially wind turbines, those attending will learn from local and international speakers from, Germany, Spain, UK and USA who will share their successes in sustainable energy projects.

The David Suzuki Foundation states that `renewable technologies represent safe energy choices which help protect human health and ecosystems, provide economic and energy security, are easy to put in place and create more jobs than fossil-based generation.`  And there are independent studies that dismiss the health various health claims.

The conference will focus on funding and further understanding on the Micro FIT and feed-in tariff programs that will be instrumental to the success of Community Power projects in Ontario, making the province a national leader with its policy to promote green energy.

The Community Power Conference banquet, Sunday November 15, will celebrate many incredible accomplishments in the Community Power sector.  Award recipients will be in attendance, Paul Norris, President, Ontario Waterpower Association; Michael Fox, Fox High Impact Consulting; Minister George Smitherman, MPP Toronto Centre;  Ken Traynor, Toronto Renewable Energy Cooperative.

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works to initiate, facilitate and support the work of local sustainable energy organizations through membership services and province wide capacity-building and non-partisan policy work. It promotes the benefits of community power and renewable energy through advocacy, public outreach and capacity building.