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Community Power Grant Recipients Announced

Monday, November 15th 2010 1:50:16pm

Media Release
Financial support for citizens and groups bolsters community investment in green energy projects

(Toronto, November 15 2010) - The Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre, the London Boys and Girls Club and the Burlington Green renewable energy cooperative are among the first projects to receive a grant under the Community Energy Partnerships Program (CEPP).

CEPP grants have been awarded to 22 projects in development by citizens, non-profits, co-operatives and charities from across Ontario.  A total investment of $1.7 million in CEPP grants will be leveraged into a total $105 million investment in community-based renewable energy projects, enabling these power projects to proceed.  The CEPP grants represent 22 community projects totaling 34 MW of planned renewable power generation; this produces enough electricity each year to power more than 10,000 homes.

Energy Minister Brad Duguid, who announced the launch of the Community Energy Partnerships Program in May of this year, included his support for CEPP grantees and community power projects in a speech at the annual Community Power Conference today. “The CEPP was created to support citizen and community participation in Ontario’s renewable energy future. This is a win-win that supports local economic development and benefits Ontario communities.”

Deborah Doncaster, Executive Director of the Community Power Fund that co-manages the CEPP, echoed the Minister’s enthusiasm. “Traditional forms of power generation do not allow for community ownership but renewable power does.  The 22 community projects announced today, including homeowners and community centres installing solar power, farmers producing windpower and co-operatives owning water power, will ensure that $105 million invested in these projects provides distributed wealth that generates investment returns to these Ontario citizens.”  

Ontario’s Feed-In Tariff (FIT) offers a fixed rate for renewable power produced over a 20 or 40 year period.  Projects that include a minimum portion of community ownership can also qualify for a FIT price ‘adder’ and can apply to the Community Energy Partnerships Program for grants of up to $200,000 to cover up to 90% of early development stage ‘soft costs’.


To schedule interviews with CEPP grantees, contact:
Maria Leung, Environmental Communication Options,, 416-972-7401
Rebecca Black, Community Energy Partnerships Program,, 416-535-2586

The Community Energy Partnerships Program (CEPP) provides grants of up to $200,000 for community power projects developed by Ontario charities, not-for-profits, co-ops as well as individual Ontario residents, such as farmers.  For more information visit