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Superheroes Fight for Disclosure of Disease Data

Monday, November 15th 2010 5:05:59pm

Media Release

(Broughton Archipelago, B.C., November 15, 2010) Superheroes 4 Salmon this week launched a new campaign – 'Justice for Wild Salmon' - to unmask the salmon farming companies responsible for harbouring infectious diseases. Superheroes 4 Salmon will be inspecting feedlots throughout B.C. in the run up to the transfer of powers away from the Province on 18th December. Superheroes 4 Salmon laid down the gauntlet to Justice Cohen in challenging companies including Marine Harvest, Cermaq and Grieg to publish all disease data since 1992 online via a public register.

"Come Clean on Disease," said Captain Condom. "If the salmon farming companies do not allow Government inspectors on site then we will deploy our superpowers to beam the torch of truth on their disease-ridden feedlots. If Norwegian-owned feedlots refuse to dish the dirt on disease or use protection such as closed containment then they should know when to pull out."

"It's a crime against Canada that Norwegian-owned salmon feedlots are operating without proper licences, blocking access to Government inspectors and refusing to publish all disease data since 1992," said Can Sal-Man. "Superheroes 4 Salmon are proud to stand on guard for our Pacific wild salmon cousins who are forced to run the gauntlet past these disease culturing facilities harbouring millions of alien Atlantics. How long will the public allow privately-owned companies from Norway to get away with murder here in B.C.?"

"I know all about hiding secrets in dark places," said Batman. "'Justice for Wild Salmon' will shine a light on the 130 feedlots operating in B.C.'s pristine coastal waters over the last 20 years. What a joke that the BCSFA have just volunteered to Justice Cohen disease data for only 5 years from a measly 21 sites. And yet the public is still kept in the dark."

"What has the Norwegian salmon farming industry got to hide in B.C.?" said Spider-Salmon. "The BCSFA is spinning a web of half truths and harbouring dirty secrets as well as infectious diseases and parasites. The Cohen Commission must close the net by demanding total transparency on the web via a public register and disease database."

"Superheroes are needed to save the planet from the global menace of Norwegian feedlots," said Wonder Salmon. "Every one of us has the power to defend wild salmon from attack by sea lice parasites, chemical weapons, infectious diseases and alien Atlantics. Do you have the courage to be a superhero for salmon?"

Captain Condom, Can Sal-Man and the Superheroes 4 Salmon will be paying flying visits to salmon feedlots in the Broughton Archipelago, Wild Salmon Narrows and Clayoquot Sound as well as to the Cohen Commission in Vancouver. Superheroes 4 Salmon have issued a global call for finned crusaders with The Watchmen, Thor and Super-Salmon joining the ranks in the coming weeks.

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