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Glen Murray: Time for Northern Ontario to have its own voice

Friday, November 16th 2012 10:40:44am

For immediate release

As Ontario Liberal Premier, Murray Wants Northern Regional Government

THUNDER BAY - Ontario Liberal Leadership Candidate Glen Murray says it’s time for Northern Ontario to have its own regional government.

“Ten years from now, I would like to look back and be able to say ‘I was the Premier when we took the steps to make Northern Ontario stronger,” Murray said today, during a visit to Thunder Bay and other Northern Ontario communities.

“The North should have more authority over energy, infrastructure and natural resources. Northerners would choose by referendum the kind of regional authority they want - a general northern government or a separate regional government in the Northeast and Northwest.”

Northern government will not cost Ontario additional funds, Murray said.

“We don’t need a parallel layer at Queen’s Park or more bureaucracy.”

A new Northern Ontario government would continue to respect Ontario’s provincial powers under Canada’s Constitution as well as the Constitutional and Treaty rights of First Nations and the Métis nation.

“We’ll continue to seek partnerships in developing and protecting the North together,” Murray said.

Glen Murray’s leadership campaign of ideas and action is built on five main ideas for renewal for Ontario families and our economy:

• Tax cuts for the middle class and small business
• No-money-down university or college tuition
• Cities and towns that work
• Government that listens - including a stronger voice for the North
• Smart government.

“I have a record of working with others to get things done. Let’s renew the Ontario Liberal Party and renew Ontario together,” Murray said.


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