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Insulation installation instructions featured on revamped NAIMA Canada website

Thursday, December 13th 2012 10:59:29am

Media Release

Installing insulation is one of the most cost-effective initiatives when it comes to lowering a building’s heating and cooling costs.

The key to achieving maximum benefit, however, is proper installation of the product.

For anyone considering such an improvement project, the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) has made it even easier to properly install insulation by developing a three-part series of instructional videos.

These videos demonstrate best practices and tips for getting the best performance from the installation of fibre glass, rock and slag wool batt insulation - from pre-insulation through to post-inspection.

In addition to being available at www.naima.org, these videos are all featured on the newly designed NAIMA Canada website at www.naimacanada.ca.

The newly revamped NAIMA Canada website also contains information on the sector’s economic and environmental contributions, building codes & standards information, and information on Canadian incentives & rebates programs.

“Insulation is always a good long-term investment,” says Jay Nordenstrom, Executive Director of NAIMA Canada. “It is a low risk renovation, with great return on the upfront costs. Whether you install insulation to reduce your heat loss or to combat high air conditioning bills, it provides consistent energy savings year-after-year, from the minute it is installed.”


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Emma Minsky, Environmental Communication Options, eminsky@ecostrategy.ca, 416-972-7404

NAIMA Canada is the association for North American manufacturers of fibre glass, rock wool, and slag wool insulation products doing business in Canada. Its role is to promote energy efficiency and environmental preservation through the use of fibre glass, rock wool, and slag wool insulation, and to encourage the safe production and use of these materials. Visit NAIMA Canada’s website at http://www.naimacanada.ca.