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Walking with First Nations as a Voice for Wild Salmon

Friday, February 8th 2013 12:27:47pm

Media Release

Feb. 8, 2013, On the Road to Victoria B.C. - Hereditary chief Beau Dick and his family have invited acclaimed salmon spokesperson Alexandra Morton to join their journey from Alert Bay to Victoria. The trek will culminate with a copper-cutting ceremony on the steps of the B.C. Legislature on Sunday, February 10th. The broken copper is slated for display at the B.C. Royal Museum.

“I have asked Alexandra, who our people call Gwayum’dzi, to walk with us to be the voice of the salmon,” says Beau Dick. “She is one of us.”

The group left Northern Vancouver Island on February 2, 2013. They have walked through communities, participating in ceremonies and meeting with elders, chiefs and others.

Beau Dick observed, “It is important to have Gwayum’dzi walk with us as we bear witness to a political system insensitive to our basic needs, depleting fish stocks, dying oceans, polluted water ways and atmosphere, melting ice caps, disappearing old growth forests and contaminated soil - economic systems negligent to ecology. We will conduct a copper cutting ceremony, breaking the chains that bind us, freeing our hands so that we may create a better future for our children.”

Yesterday, as part of the conversation about how the wild salmon of the B.C. coast and rivers are threatened by feedlots of farmed Atlantic salmon, about 20 of the walk participants entered the Duncan B.C. Superstore wearing regalia, drumming softly and stood in silent vigil before the Atlantic salmon in display cases.  

The group will arrive at the Victoria Parliament buildings at 1 pm on Sunday, February 10th.

For more information or to interview Alex Morton, contact: Linnea Dick,, 250-891-5466 (cell)

Tentative Schedule: For specific details contact Linnea (above) or visit the Facebook page,