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Jacksons Steak and Grill House in Chilliwack to be recognized for business leadership in supporting environmental sustainability

Tuesday, March 19th 2013 2:55:47pm

Media Advisory

When: Thursday, March 21, 2013 @ noon
Where: Jacksons Steak and Grill House, 5725 Vedder Road, Chilliwack, BC

Jacksons Steak and Grill House is the second restaurant in Chilliwack to join the growing movement to save Pacific wild salmon from extinction. “We are proud to join Bravo Restaurant & Lounge in choosing not to serve open net feedlot salmon. Instead, we want to support wild salmon that swims past our city in regular, natural cycles,” said owner Brad Read.

The open net feedlot industry exposes Fraser River wild salmon to lethal viruses and parasite transference and harms the ocean ecosystem with toxic pollution.

“We are very encouraged by the willingness of fine dining establishments to support environmental sustainability and help protect wild salmon from the harmful practices of the aquaculture industry,” said Eddie Gardner, Chair of the Chilliwack Chapter of the National Salmon Feedlot Boycott (SalmonFeedlotBoycott.com).

He added, “When considering dining options, we encourage people to choose Jacksons and Bravo where they can enjoy healthy food knowing that these restaurants care about serving only wild salmon or seafood that has been sustainably produced.”

On March 21, Eddie Gardner will present a certificate and window decal (see image below) to Brad Read, owner of Jacksons Steak and Grill House, in recognition of Jacksons’ business leadership in supporting environmental sustainability and wild salmon.

Anissa Reed, who initiated a national Salmon Feedlot Boycott, commented, “Bravo and Jacksons are great examples of restaurants that thrive without selling farmed salmon. There are more out there that can enjoy such success without supporting an unethical and destructive aquaculture industry.”  

“Sockeye salmon swim past our beautiful city every year, why wouldn’t we want to support this generous, renewable resource?” added Brad Read. “We are proud to join Bravo Restaurant & Lounge in supporting the National Salmon Feedlot Boycott,” he concluded.

Overwaitea Food Group (a Jim Pattison company) also decided to red-list open net farmed fish in favour of stocking shelves with wild salmon or salmon from land-based closed containment feedlots. Overwaitea Food Group is Canada’s largest western-based food store chain and includes PriceSmart, Save On Foods, Overwaitea Foods, Cooper’s Foods, Urban Fare and Bulkley Valley Wholesale serving communities in BC and Alberta.

Join the many satisfied customers who have chosen an extraordinary dining experience at Jacksons Steak and Grill House serving delicious, healthy and environmentally friendly food delights.

For more information contact:
Eddie Gardner, Chilliwack Chapter of National Salmon Feedlot Boycott
604-792-0867, singingbear@shaw.ca