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Recent severe weather in the GTA is a reminder that home inspections are not just for resale house purchases

Tuesday, July 23rd 2013 10:15:01am

(Toronto, July 23, 2013) Contrary to conventional wisdom, a home inspector’s services are not just for when you are choosing a resale home. While there is obvious value in using a home inspector prior to purchasing a resale home, home inspectors can help homeowners protect their investment during ownership.

HouseMaster, the oldest home inspection firm in North America, recommends using the services of a home inspector to assess your home after you have or suspect that you have water in your home, associated with an event like the flooding a couple of weeks ago. Just as your mechanic would caution you about the long-term damage to a car associated with flood and water damage, your home can suffer a similar fate.  

“If you had even small amounts of water visible inside your home after this month’s Greater Toronto Area flooding, a post-flood home inspection could be a wise investment,” says Felix Fujs, a HouseMaster Certified Home Inspector in the GTA. “Visible moisture from an event is often an indicator of larger volumes pooled and hidden behind walls and flooring.”

Water in your home, basement or attic can lead to deterioration of the structure, rot, mould and even serious indoor air quality problems.

Home inspectors identifying that the early stages of mould and related water ingress issues will allow you to deal proactively with your insurance company. While on-site, inspectors can assess and make recommendations related to home drainage, eaves troughs and downspouts or sanitary sewer service back flow valves. Their advice and recommendations will give you the knowledge to prevent or minimize future problems.

Using their skills and equipment (such as infrared cameras and moisture meters) home inspectors can determine water-related damage or risks to the building envelope-basements, walls, roofs and ceilings. They can identify situations where preventative maintenance can pay big dividends by reducing or eliminating future damage.


For more information contact:
Kimberly Fleming
HouseMaster Canada
416-203-2315 ext. 229

HouseMaster was founded in 1979 and has 22 franchise territories across Canada and over 370 franchises across North America.  GreenSaver holds the master franchise rights for HouseMaster Canada.  GreenSaver has more than 20 years of leadership in non-profit energy efficiency. The services provided by GreenSaver and HouseMaster include home inspection, energy audits, commercial inspections and a range of ancillary services like wett, infrared, mold etc...    HouseMaster trains, certifies and annually retrains all franchisees and their employees to provide consistent, quality service.  

For more detailed information on HouseMaster please visit our website at www.housemaster.com.