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Made-in-Ontario energy efficient building technology featured at All-Energy Canada conference in Toronto

Thursday, March 27th 2014 9:42:25am

STEEP Building Systems Canada and Far North Developments will exhibit at Booth # 219 All-Energy Canada (free-to-attend trade show - www.all-energy.ca) on April 9 and 10 at the Direct Energy Centre

(Geraldton, ON, March 27, 2014) STEEP Building Systems Canada, an Ontario based manufacturer of energy efficient structural panels, will display their building product at the All-Energy Canada conference. STEEP panels have been used in scores of large and small buildings built across urban and rural southern Ontario with this quick, durable and cost effective construction technique.

Working with Far North Developments, STEEP Canada will also demonstrate how the construction benefits of STEEP panels can be integrated with renewable energy and storage technology. This approach makes STEEP panel buildings suitable for use as housing, schools and offices in rural, resource based communities and remote First Nation locations.

STEEP Building Systems Canada at Booth # 219 will feature a constructed mock-up of the panel technology, including walls, a roof and windows. Representatives will be available to discuss:

  • How the STEEP panel system reduces construction time

  • STEEP panel energy efficiency performance properties

  • Suitability for diesel dependents/high energy costs
  • locations with transportation challenges
  • Ease of construction - with less skills training required.

STEEP (Structural Thermal Energy Efficient Panels) is a proven construction system that can be used in residential, commercial and industrial projects as exterior/interior walls, floors, ceilings and roofs. It reduces both energy consumption and construction costs.

The Far North Development’ representatives will be available to discuss smart energy technologies and integration options. As well as transportation logistics into remote or rural areas and project financing options for both private and government funded projects.

A key element of this approach is the EnerSmart Power Source system which will also be on display. This energy storage solution can be fully integrated into a STEEP building and provides protection against brown-outs and black-outs in both on-grid and off-grid applications. Users can charge the battery during off-peak times and then draw on the energy during on-peak hours. Grid connected users can avoid peak energy rates and generator set connected user get greater security of supply.

STEEP features combine to form a high performance shell that is lightweight, extremely strong and with superior thermal properties. Over the last 30 years, STEEP Building Systems have built over 80,000 projects in 27 countries. In Ontario, STEEP technology has been used for projects ranging from multi-million dollar homes in the GTA to a school on a northern Ontario First Nation reserve.


For more information or to schedule interviews with STEEP or Far North Developments, please contact:
Shane Diakunchak, Far North Developments, shane@farnorthdev.com or 807-628-2250.

About STEEP Building Canada (steepbuildingsystems.com)
The manufacturing facility is located in Geraldton (Greenstone) Ontario 300 km east of Thunder Bay on the TransCanada Highway. This has proven to be a strategic location which eases the logistics of transportation of the STEEP panel whether your construction site is located in Southern Ontario or remote and Far North First Nation communities.

About STEEP Building Systems
For over a quarter of a century, STEEP Building Systems Corporation has been manufacturing structural building panels. In that time, our products have grown to provide residential, commercial, and industrial structures in all 50 United States and in 27 countries for a total of over 80,000 projects around the world. The versatility, reliability, and ease of construction of our thermally insulated steel panels make STEEP Building Systems an attractive alternative to traditional building techniques. STEEP Building Systems structures are able to meet diverse and specified construction needs around the world.  

About Far North Developments (farnorthdev.com)
Far North Developments (FND) provides core business planning, economic development and financial management expertise throughout Northern Canada. FND’s long established relations with First Nations communities provides added value for companies and organizations advancing new initiatives or expanding existing operations in the resources, energy or infrastructure sectors. FND has a positive and well-proven reputation for successful negotiations and mediation, establishing First Nation business and community partnerships, joint venture development as well as attracting and deploying domestic and offshore financing.