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Canada’s Sustainability Leaders honoured at Clean50 Summit in Toronto

Thursday, September 27th 2018 9:47:01am

Toronto, September 27, 2018 - Today, the 2019 “Canada’s Clean50” awards celebrates the accomplishments of 50 sustainability leaders.  The award winners were selected from a field of 600 plus nominees and competed in 16 widely different categories.  The Clean50 Awards also selects 10 Emerging Leaders for special recognition.

The list of winners (their affiliations, locations and related information) is available, post 8:00 a.m. September 27th: go to http://clean50.com.

In addition to the Awards presentation, over 110 Clean50 incoming and alumni members will gather at Wychwood Barns (601 Christie St.) in Toronto for the Clean50 Summit 8.0.

The Agenda has 30 Working sessions,10 different groups of Thought Leader participants will propose and discuss transformational responses to climate change   Collaboration is vital if Canada is achieve net zero carbon emissions in transportation, buildings and by consumers fast enough to save humanity.

Gavin Pitchford, the Clean50 Executive Director and CEO of Delta Management Group observed, “The skills, intelligence and enthusiasm exhibited by the 2018 Clean50 winners, whether in their 20’s or their 70's is a refreshing counterpoint to the backsliding in some Canadian jurisdictions related to renewable energy and climate change regulation”

The 2019 Clean50 champions selected from the business and non-profit sector have demonstrated innovative approaches and achieved measurable success in fighting climate change. Each has helped Canada shift towards a low-pollution, lower-carbon economy, while building a more prosperous future.

Mr. Pitchford went on to say, “Every person on the Clean50 list has made substantial and significant contributions in their respective fields. Some winners are more high profile such as Mayor Gregor Robertson who has contributed enormously by prioritizing the environment and helping make Vancouver the greenest city in North America.  Others, such as our Research and Development (R&D) winners, have made international headlines in scientific circles for the groundbreaking ways they capture carbon out of thin air, and another destined to build the first high speed loop train between two cities - probably before Elon Musk.“

Pitchford concluded, “This year’s winners include manufacturing CEOs, Clean tech entrepreneurs, and the person leading a sustainable procurement initiative for the province of BC. Each year, selecting the Clean50 winners becomes more exciting. We have the luxury of considering nominations from across the country from a diverse range of backgrounds.”

The Working sessions are followed by a 6:45 p.m. start for dinner and awards.


Media contact: Gavin Pitchford gpitchford@deltamanagement.com 774-330-6606

This year’s award winners will receive plaques fashioned in-part from the “Maple Leaf Forever” tree, reputed to have inspired Alexander Muir to pen Canada’s unofficial anthem in 1867.

Past honourees include Premiers Kathleen Wynne of Ontario (who will open the Summit) , Phillippe Couillard of Quebec and Rachel Notley of Alberta, Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, and Galen G. Weston of Loblaw.

The Canada’s Clean50 award program and Summit were founded in 2011 by Delta Management Group, Canada’s leading clean tech and sustainability executive search firm and their CEO Gavin Pitchford. It was established in response to a trend the firm noted when performing executive searches on behalf of clients: While there was growing acknowledgement that climate change was real, and that broad solutions were needed, most were working within industry silos and not sharing information with anyone.  Having identified the issue, Delta created the Clean50 award to identify leaders from every sector, and then hosted the Summit to bring those leaders together. 98% of honourees attend each year, and numerous past winners come back to continue to play a role in deliberations, learn new things, and get inspired one more time.  

Including small teams and Emerging Leaders, The Clean50 now numbers over 500 of Canada’s climate change fighting rock stars, and the Summit has led to numerous cross-sector and within-sector collaborations.  In addition, the Honourees’ stories have inspired hundreds of Canadians to do more, and in many instances, simply copy what the honourees had already proven could be done.

Canada’s Clean50 List - 2019
*Denotes the leader in each category - Canada’s Clean16 Award 

• Katie Sullivan*, IETA (Toronto, ON) 
• Helle Bank Jorgensen, Global Compact Network Canada (Toronto, ON) 
• Arnold Bercov, Public and Private Workers of Canada (Nanaimo, BC) 
• Dale Beugin, Canada's Ecofiscal Commission (Montreal, QC) 
• Craig Scott, Ecology North (Yellowknife, NT) 
• Shirley Speakman*, Cycle Capital Management (Montreal, PQ) 
• Peter McArthur, Royal Bank of Canada (Toronto, ON) 
• Lisa Bate*, B+H Architects (Toronto, ON) 
• Mikele Brack, Urban Living Futures (Oshawa, ON) 
• Gord Hicks, BGIS (Markham, ON) 
• Dave Ramslie, Concert Properties (Vancouver, BC) 
• Mayor Gregor Robertson*, City of Vancouver (Vancouver, BC) 
• Sean Pander, City of Vancouver (Vancouver, BC) 
• Dan Zilnik*, AFARA (Calgary, AB) 
• Liz McHardy, Lura Consulting (Toronto, ON) 
• Joseph Pallant, Brinkman Climate (New Westminster, BC) 
• David Van Seters, The Sustainability Ventures Group Inc. (West Vancouver, BC) 
Clean Tech  
• Karen Hamberg*, Westport Fuel Systems (Vancouver, BC) 
• Dr. Patrick Kiely, Island Water Technologies (Charlottetown, PE) 
• Simon Pickup, Hydra Energy Corporation (Delta, BC) 
• George Tsintzouras, Alert Labs (Kitchener, ON) 
Education & Thought Leadership  
• Dr. Jennifer Winter*, University of Calgary (Calgary, AB) 
• Nadine Gudz, Interface Inc. (Toronto, ON) 
• Shannon Harding, Clean Foundation (Dartmouth, NS) 
• Christie Stephenson, Peter P. Dhillon Centre for Business Ethics, UBC (Vancouver, BC) 
Finance & Services  
• Wayne Wachell*, Genus Capital Management (Vancouver, BC) 
• Maia Becker, Royal Bank of Canada (Toronto, ON) 
• Karen Lockridge, Mercer (Canada) Limited (Toronto, ON) 
Manufacturing & Transportation  
• Mario Plourde*, Cascades (Kingsey Falls, QC) 
• Eric Beckwitt, Freightera (Vancouver, BC) 
• Sarah Buckle, South Coast BC Transportation Authority (TransLink) (New Westminster, BC) 
Primary Resources / Waste Recovery  
• Trevor Langdon*, Green Standards / OMERS (Toronto, ON) 
• Guy Adam, Alliance Magnesium Inc. (Brossard, QC) 
• Dr. Peter Ross, Ocean Wise Conservation Association (Vancouver, BC) 
Public Service  
• Annick Champoux & Laure Gérard, Public Services and Procurement Canada (Montréal, QC) 
• Soledad Reeve, Province of British Columbia (Victoria, BC) 
• Debbie Scharf, Natural Resources Canada (Ottawa, ON) 
Research & Development  
• Steve Oldham, Geoffrey Holmes, David St. Angelo, Kenton Heidel*, Carbon Engineering (Squamish, BC) 
• Kazi Ahmed, Betterfrost Technologies Inc. (Toronto, ON) 
• Sebastien Gendron, TransPod (Toronto, ON) 
• Luna Yu, Hasitha de Alwis, Weerasekera, Michael Williamson, Marcos Igreja, Genecis Bioindustries (Scarborough, ON) 
• Dr. Mehrdad Mahoutian, Carbicrete Inc. (Montreal, QC) 
• Grace Quan, Hydrogen In Motion Inc. (H2M) (Vancouver, BC) 
Renewable Energy  
• Ron Seftel*, Bullfrog Power (Toronto, ON) 
• Miranda Fuller, Oxford Community Energy Cooperative (Woodstock, ON) 
Retail & Consumer Goods  
• Steve Beauchesne*, Beau’s Brewing Co. (Vankleek Hill, ON) 
• Kristi Soomer, Encircled Inc. (Toronto, ON) 
Traditional Energy Companies  
• Joe Bilé, Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited (Toronto, ON) 
• Bruce Manwaring, Mary Sye, Enbridge Gas Distribution (North York, ON) 
Tech Telecom & Media  
• Jean Luc Lavergne*, The Lavergne Group (Montreal, QC) 
• Jennifer McLaughlin, BlackBerry Limited (Waterloo, ON) 
Emerging Leaders  
• Steve Lee, 3% Project (Toronto, ON) 
• Trevor David, Sustainalytics (Toronto, ON) 
• Dana Decent, Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation, University of Waterloo (Waterloo, ON) 
• Mohamed Khalil, Pyrocycle inc. (Montreal, QC) 
• Natalia Mykhaylova, WeavAir (Toronto, ON) 
• Marlee Kohn, Oxford Properties (Toronto, ON) 
• Naeem Farooqi, WSP Canada (Toronto, ON) 
• Julia-Maria Becker, Pembina Institute (Calgary, AB) 
• Shoshanna Saxe, U of Toronto, Department of Civil and Mineral Engineering (Toronto, ON) 
• Kevin Quinlan, City of Vancouver (Vancouver, BC) 
Top 20 Projects: The top sustainability projects completed in Canada in the past year  
• BOMA Toronto & Toronto Hydro, 'race2reduce' (Ontario) 
• City of London - Water Engineering, 'Using AI to Identify Leaking Water Mains' (Ontario) 
• City of Waterloo, 'Poop Power' (Ontario) 
• Cleanfarms, 'Improving Environmental Stewardship on Canadian Farms' (Manitoba) 
• CN, 'EcoConnexions: Major Cross Canada Reforestation Program ' (Quebec) 
• Compugen Finance, 'Refurbishing End-of-First-Life™ IT Products for Reuse' (Ontario) 
• Dextran & Enviro-Stewards, 'Saving Water & Energy' (Ontario) 
• Ecology Action Centre , 'Deep Energy Retrofit' (Nova Scotia) 
• Embedding Project, 'The Road to Context' (British Columbia) 
• Enbridge Gas, '"Saving By Design" Program Review' (Ontario) 
• General Motors of Canada, 'Assembly Plant Achieves Zero Waste to Landfill' (Ontario) 
• Maple Lodge Farms & Enviro-Stewards, 'Conservation Assessment in the Poultry Industry' (Ontario) 
• Morguard & RYCOM, 'Shopping Centre Smart Data Analytics Platform' (Ontario) 
• Municipal Natural Assets Initiative, 'Municipal Natural Asset Management' (British Columbia) 
• Network for Business Sustainability, 'Collaborating with Competitors' (Ontario) 
• Plug'n Drive, 'Electric Vehicle Discovery Centre' (Ontario) 
• Pyrocycle, 'New Technology to Recycle E-waste for Precious Metals' (Quebec) 
• Trinity College School, 'Students' "Green Cup Challenge"' (Ontario) 
• Ville de Montréal, 'Montréal Sustainable Development Plan for 2016-2020' (Quebec) 
• WeavAir, 'Using IOT Tech to Improve Air Quality and Reduce Energy Use' (Ontario)

 Canada’s Clean50 List for 2019 for more information visit  http://clean50.com