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Forests Ontario Intends to Continue to Plant Trees and Speak for the Forest

Monday, April 29th 2019 10:32:52am

(TORONTO, April 29, 2019) - Despite the recent Ontario government announcement to cut the 50 Million Tree program, Forests Ontario expects to find a way, with existing and new partners, to plant trees, educate Ontarians and speak for the forest and all forest users.

Forests Ontario, Canada’s largest tree planting charity, remains optimistic that now that the provincial government better understands and appreciates the importance and popularity of the tree program, they will continue to fund tree planting.

The cutting of the 50 MTP has generated unprecedented concern about the future of tree planting in Ontario and an outpouring of support for Forests Ontario’s efforts,” said Rob Keen, chief executive of Forests Ontario. Keen noted that it takes years to plan for and execute tree planting starting with collecting the seed, growing the stock, engaging landowners, planting and monitoring. Shutting down the program will have significant impacts to whether we’ll ever be able to start it up again.  People from all corners of the province and all political stripes are speaking loud and clear: they believe it is vital to continue to plant trees.”

The Ontario Government has funded tree planting in southern Ontario for more than a century. Since 2007 Forests Ontario has planted more than 27 million trees in Ontario on over 4,000 properties covering close to 15,000 hectares. Forests Ontario is working with the province to ensure the trees grown for the 2019 season get into the ground.

Tree planting event in Ajax - Forests Ontario - 2017

For further information: Rob Keen, RPF CEO, Forests Ontario rob.keen@forestsontario.ca (416) 646-1193 ext. 230

Forests Ontario, a non-profit, charitable organization with members across the province, is the voice of Ontario’s forests. Forests Ontario works in three areas: restoration, education and awareness.