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Ontario, Canada

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Bill 108 Open Letter to Minister Steven Clark

Friday, May 31st 2019 1:07:54pm


31 May 2019

Honorable Minister Steven Clark
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
777 Bay Street, 17th Floor
Toronto, ON M5G 2E5

Minister Clark,

On behalf of the millions of Ontarians that we represent as municipal governments, housing advocates, and environmental leaders, we are writing to request that your government provide additional time to consider Bill 108. We are ready to work with you to ensure that the legislation’s intent of delivering more affordable housing is achieved.

We believe that our common goal of delivering suitable homes that are within the means of all families can be met without compromising the livability of our communities. Ontarians are telling us that they have significant concerns that their quality of life will be negatively impacted if the More Homes, More Choices Act proceeds as planned.

The provisions in Bill 108 would limit the ability of municipal governments to plan for, and provide amenities for the people we all serve. Our residents expect their neighbourhoods consist of more than just a grouping of homes. Parks, daycares, and recreation centres are not nice-to-haves but necessary building blocks of a thriving community.

Residents are also concerned about losing Ontario’s natural heritage if Schedules 2, 5, and 6 of the Act is passed. Bill 108 threatens conservation areas, wetlands, and the plants and animals that call them home, particularly endangered species. Ontarians value and cherish their natural areas, and will not accept losing them to sprawling subdivisions when better options are available.

Thirty days is too short a timeline for our residents to properly assess, and make meaningful contributions, to legislation that proposes significant changes to 15 separate Acts. Further, since much of Bill 108 is enabling legislation for regulations that have yet to be released, we are commenting blind in regards to critical aspects of the Act.

Our constituents expect us to take the time this issue deserves to ensure we get it right.

We therefore request that you extend the comment period from June 1st to September 1st, and release draft regulations in that period, to provide an opportunity for meaningful consultation before moving ahead with Bill 108.


Municipal Representatives
Mayor Rob Burton - Oakville
Mayor Tom Mrakas - Aurora
Mayor Marianne Meed Ward - Aurora
Mayor Rick Bonnette - Halton Hills
Mayor Sandy Brown - Orangeville
Mayor John Taylor - Newmarket
Councillor Josh Matlow - Toronto
Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam - Toronto
Councillor Jennifer McKelvie - Toronto
Councillor Gord Perks - Toronto
Councillor Jaye Robinson - Toronto
Councillor Paula Fletcher - Toronto
Councillor Mike Colle - Toronto
Councillor Mike Layton - Toronto
Councillor Brad Bradford - Toronto
Councillor Paul Ainslie - Toronto
Councillor Grant Peters - Orangeville
Councillor Robert Kiley - Kingston
Councillor Sean O'Meara - Oakville
Councillor Tom Adams - Oakville
Councillor Cathy Duddeck - Oakville
Councillor Phil Allt - Guelph
Councillor James Gordon - Guelph
Councillor Reid McAlpine - Markham
Councillor Karen Rea - Markham
Councillor Wendy Farrow-Reed - Halton Hills
Councillor Ted Brown - Halton Hills
Councillor Moya Johnson - Halton Hills
Councillor Jane Fogal - Halton Hills
Deputy Mayor Barry Ward - Barrie
Councillor Keenan Alwyn - Barrie
Councillor Natalie Harris - Barrie
Councillor Jim Harris - Barrie
Councillor John Gallo - Aurora
Councillor Sandra Humfryes - Aurora
Councillor Rachil Gilliand - Aurora
Councillor Harold Kim - Aurora
Councillor Michael Thompson - Aurora
Councillor Christina Bisanz - Newmarket
Councillor Martin Medeiros - Brampton
Councillor Rory - Nisan Burlington
Clare Cameron - Niagara-On-The-Lake
Deb Doherty - Collingwood
Yvonne Hamlin - Collingwood
Councillor Tony Carella - Vaughan
Councillor Alan Shefman - Vaughan
Councillor Peter Frost - Township of Archipelago

Environmental Advocates
Dianne Saxe - Former Environmental Commissioner of Ontario
Gord Miller - Former Environmental Commissioner of Ontario
David Suzuki Foundation
Environmental Defence
Ontario River Alliance
Animal Alliance
Born Free
Ontario Nature
Ontario Headwaters Institute
Park People
Wilderness Conservation Society
Wildlands League
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society - Ottawa Valley
Save the Oak Ridges Moraine
Wellington Water Watchers
Coyote Watch Canada
Vicki Friesen - Professor of Biology, Queen's

Housing Advocates
ACORN Canada
Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario
Akelius Tenants Network
Build a Better Bloor Dufferin
Castle Frank Road Tenants Association
Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation
Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic
Emily Paradis PhD, Housing and Homelessness  -Researcher, UofT
Federation of Metro Tenants Associations
Graydon Hall Tenants' Association
Kensington-Bellwoods Community Legal Services
Park Vista Tenants' Association
St Claire's Multifaith Housing Society
Spadina Gardens Tenants' Association
Toronto - St. Paul's Tenant Associations Network
Wellesley Institute