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Ontario’s Tree Planting Teens Participate in UN Climate Action Summit

Wednesday, September 11th 2019 9:25:10am

15-year-old Grierson twins to present their Global Forest Project in New York

New York, NY [September 10, 2019] - Long time Forests Ontario’s youth ambassadors, 15-year-old twins Lauren and Kaitlin Grierson, will be presenting at the Nature’s Climate Hub in New York on Sunday, September 22.

Nature’s Climate Hub will coincide with the 2019 UN Climate Action Summit (September 23-29), and will host a series of talks discussing the best of nature-based solutions to climate change. Lauren and Kaitlin are the only youth to have been invited to speak at the Forest and Restoration Hub, where they will be presenting their Global Forest Project; their project proposes using strength-based collaboration to plant 1,000 trees around the world for each global youth, or 1 trillion trees total. Together, Lauren and Kaitlin have already planted more than 1,500 trees.

Who:   Lauren and Kaitlin Grierson
            Forests Ontario Youth Ambassadors

What: Planting a climate change solution with 1,000 trees for every global youth
           Forest and Restoration Hub of the Nature’s Climate Hub

Where: Convene
             101 Park Ave.
             New York, NY  

When: September 22, 2019
            1:00 - 2:45 pm

About Forests Ontario
Forests Ontario is a not-for-profit charity dedicated to re-greening the province through the support of forest restoration, stewardship, education and awareness. We promote Canada’s greatest natural resource - our forests - because healthy forests sustain healthy communities and healthy economies. Forests Ontario is the voice of our forests. Visit www.forestsontario.ca or follow us @Forests_Ontario to find out more.

About TreesCO2
Toronto high school students Kaitlin and Lauren Grierson are co-founders of TreesCO2, Canadian Young Champions for Nature, and Co-Ambassadors of Ontario's Green Leaf Challenge.  They will participate in the United Nations Climate Action Summit Coalition Meetings, convened by UN Secretary General, António Guterres, on the weekend of September 21st-22nd in New York. While in New York, Lauren and Kaitlin will also be speakers at the Nature's Climate Hub's Big Ideas Talks on Forest and Restoration Action Day, September 22nd.

To arrange interviews/photos or confirm attendance at the event, please contact:

Augusta Lipscombe

Communications & Stakeholder Relations Officer
Forests Ontario / Forest Recovery Canada
W: 416.646.1193 ext. 235
E: alipscombe@forestsontario.ca