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121 Canadian business leaders endorse statement on climate action policies of parties

Thursday, October 10th 2019 2:40:22pm

Clean50 members ask Canadians to consider climate action as the key motivator for their vote

List includes Former Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, 22 cleantech CEOs, executives from 11 renewable energy providers, 9 venture capitalists and 54 CEOs / Presidents

(October 10, 2019) - Last Thursday, On October 3rd, 120 business, academic, and environmental leaders from across Canada, gathered in Toronto for the 9th annual Clean50 Summit, discussing a wide range of climate solutions.

Climate Policy Discussions: About 20% of the Clean50 Summit participants were subject to policies that prevented them from discussing political issues in public or are public servants.  The remaining 96 delegates each spent several hours deliberating and identifying the policy frameworks that could enable Canada to meet its climate commitments under the Paris agreement (and hold global warming to less than 1.5 degrees Celsius), and determining a criteria against which the four platforms could be assessed.  Subsequent groups then evaluated and scored the climate action plans of the four main parties in the upcoming Federal election against those criteria.

The scores awarded by the different working groups were averaged and rounded to the nearest 5%, with results as follows: Greens 75%, Liberals 70%, NDP 60%, CPC 30%.

A summary of all Climate Action policies put forward by each party are available on the Clean50 website: www.clean50.com/canadavotes2019/

The Summit concluded with a discussion about how the group’s conclusions might best be summarized in the following statement, made available for individual participants and members of the Clean50 to endorse:

We believe the emerging low carbon economy presents tremendous economic opportunities for Canada, as it addresses the climate challenge. The Green, Liberal and NDP climate action plans clearly reflect that reality.

18-25 year olds will make up the largest voting block for the first time in Canadian history. Many are demanding transformative economic and environmental action, and we stand with them.

As many members of the Clean50 did last April*, we again urge Canadians to make climate action the single most important issue in this and every other election, at all levels of government.

(*see https://clean50.com/2019-earth-day-open-letter/ for previous open letter)

To this point, the statement has been endorsed by 116 individuals, and in the case of the first 98 listed, also their organizations as shown.  

The Clean50: The Clean50 awards recognize and connect the 50 individuals, 10 Emerging Leaders and 20 sustainability projects which have had the greatest impact on Canada’s sustainability performance over the prior two years. (http://clean50.com)

This extraordinary group of honourees is drawn from virtually every form of endeavour in Canada: from finance and business to government and academia; from venture capitalists and energy producers, to environmental advocates and climate scientists, as well as R&D and clean tech entrepreneurs.

Throughout the day of the Clean50 Summit, 120 people including 48 of the 50 incoming members of the Clean50 took part in a series of discussions of possible solutions to Canada’s sustainability problems, and explored opportunities to learn from and collaborate with each other going forward.

For further information please contact Gavin Pitchford, Executive Director, Canada’s Clean50, o: 416.925.2005 x 2300 / m:774.330.6606 / e: gpitchford@deltamanagement.com

This statement is endorsed by the following 116 Summit participants and members of Canada’s Clean50, and their organizations, where shown, listed below in alphabetical order:

1. Catherine Abreu, Executive Director, Climate Action Network
2. Wayne Addison, President, Kiko Water Systems
3. Meredith Adler, Executive Director, Student Energy
4. Kazi Ahmed, CEO, Betterfrost Technologies
5. Mike Andrade, CEO, Morgan Solar
6. Colin Armstrong, CEO, HTEC Hydrogen Technology & Energy Corporation
7. Shari Austin, President, Shari Austin & Company
8. Celine Bak, CEO, Analytica Advisors
9. Kody Baker, CEO, VeloMetro Mobility
10. Helle Bank-Jorgensen, CEO, Competent Boards Inc.
11. Éric Bauce, Professor, Université Laval 
12. Eric Beckwitt, Founder and CEO, Freightera
13. Arnold Bercov, Past President, Public and Private Workers of Canada
14. Kevin Brady, CEO, Sustainable Enterprise Consulting
15. Carol-Ann Brown, Vice President, The Delphi Group
16. Bryan Buggey, Director, Vancouver Economic Commission
17. Tania Caceres, Principal. Risk Nexus
18. Robert Cadieux, Fellow, Environment and Sustainability
19. Chris Campbell, Marine Renewables
20. Rupp Carriveau, Director, Environmental Energy Institute
21. Kai Chan, UBC
22. Howard Chang, Co-founder, The Turn Lab Inc.
23. Stephen Cheeseman, CEO, Chinook Power Corp.
24. Eric Chisholm, Principal, Purpose Building
25. John Coyne, Vice-President External Affairs and Sustainability, Unilever Canada  / Executive Chair, Canadian Stewardship Services
26. Elyse Crowston, Director of (Impact) Investor Relations, Rhiza Capital
27. Jeff Cyr, Managing Partner, Raven Indigenous Capital Partners
28. Ron Dembo, CEO, Riskthinking.ai
29. Brian Denney, Past CEO, Toronto Regional Conservation Authority (TRCA)
30. Ron Dizy, Chief Commercial Officer, Spark Power
31. Stewart Elgie, Chair, Smart Prosperity Institute
32. Ted Ferguson, President, The Delphi Group
33. Miranda Fuller, Executive Director, Oxford Community Energy Cooperative
34. Mike Gerbis, CEO, GLOBE
35. Julia Grady, Executive Director, 10C
36. Shannon Harding, Director, Clean Foundation
37. Jim Harris, CEO, Strategic Advantage
38. Brett Henkel, Cofounder & Vice President, Inventys
39. Celesa Horvath, Principal, Ventus Development Services Inc.
40. Don Huff, President, ECO Strategy
41. Alexandru Iordan, Senior Director, Carbon Consult Group
42. Michael Jantzi, CEO, Sustainalytics
43. Dan Kershaw, Executive Director, Furniture Bank
44. Mohamed Khalil, CEO, Pyrocycle
45. Patrick Kiely, CEO - Island Water Technologies Inc. 
46. Paul Lacerte, Managing Partner, Raven Indigenous Capital Partners
47. Anne-Josée Laquerre, President / Co-founder, Québec Net Positif
48. Steve Lee, Executive Director, 3% Project
49. Peter Leighton, COO, RE Royalties
50. Peter Love, Love Energy Consultants
51. Roger Mah, CEO & Founder, ZoraMat Solutions
52. Antony Marcil, CEO, FSC Canada (ret'd)
53. A.J. (Sandy) Marshall, Executive Director Bioindustrial Innovation CANADA
54. Audrey Mascarenhas, President and CEO, Questor Technology Inc.
55. Murray McCaig, Managing Partner, Arctern Venures
56. Liz McHardy, CEO, Lura
57. Stephanie McLarty , CEO, REfficient Inc.
58. Paul Mertes, President & CEO, CircuitMeter Inc.
59. Alex Mifflin, Water Brothers
60. Tyler Mifflin, Water Brothers
61. Mr. Lynn  Mueller, President & CEO, Sharc International Systems Inc
62. Paige Olmsted, UBC
63. Robert Ouellette, Founder, MESH Cities
64. Nicholas Parker, Chairman, Parker Venture Management Inc.
65. Daniel Pass, Consultant, Quinn & Partners
66. Neil Pegram, Director of Americas - GRESB
67. Brad Pilgrim, CEO, Parity Inc
68. Gavin Pitchford, CEO, Delta Management Group / Executive Director, Canada’s Clean50
69. Oleg Popovsky, Co-founder, Braggawatt Energy
70. Tony Pringle, Partner, Quinn & Partners
71. Joan Prowse, CineFocus Canada
72. Juergen Puetter , President, Aeolis Wind
73. Grace Quan, President and CEO, Hydrogen In Motion Inc
74. Kevin Quinlan, Senior Advisor, Mantle
75. Tom Rand, Managing Partner, Arctern Ventures
76. Bill Redelmeier, Owner, Southbrook Winery
77. Fidele Reijerse, President, RESCo Energy Inc
78. Gregor  Robertson, Global Ambassador, Mayors4Climate / Vancouver Mayor, 2008-18
79. Dianne Saxe, (past) Environmental Commisioner of Ontario
80. Shoshanna Saxe, Professor, Civil Engineering
81. Craig Scott, Ecology North
82. Ron Seftel, CFO, Parity Inc
83. Ken Shea, President & CEO East Coast Credit Union
84. Elizabeth Sheehan, Co-founder and President, Climate Smart Businesses
85. Lauren Smith, CEO, Co-Founder, Polygone Inc
86. Kurt Sorschak, President & CEO, Xebec Adsorption Inc.
87. Shirley Speakman, Senior Partner, Cycle Capital
88. Tonya Surman, CEO, Centre for Social Innovation
89. Bruce Taylor, President, Enviro-Stewards Inc.
90. Lane Theriault, President, Subterra Renewables
91. Alison Thompson, CEO, Borealis GeoPower Inc.   
92. Dr. Panayotis (Peter) Tsantrizos, President & CEO, Terragon
93. Michael van Aanhout, Chairman, Stratos Inc.
94. Wal van Lierop, Founding Partner / Executive Chairman �“ Chrysalix Venture Capital
95. David Van Seters, Sustainability Ventures
96. Heather  Watt-Kapitain, Managing Partner, KAP Design
97. Andrew White, CEO, CHAR Technologies Ltd.
98. Bob  Willard, CEO, Sustainability Advantage
99. Darcy Wood, CEO, Aki Energy
100. Laura Zizzo, Founder & CEO, Mantle
101. Guy Adam, Quebec
102. Subhi Alsayed, Ontario
103. Jennifer Babin-Fenske, Ontario
104. Richard  Corley, Ontario
105. Dana Decent, Ontario
106. Frank Dottori, Quebec
107. Kenton Heidel, British Columbia
108. Diane Kilcoyne, Ontario
109. Hilary Kilgour, British Columbia
110. Hyewon Kong, Ontario
111. Roxanne Law, Ontario
112. Priyanka Lloyd, Ontario
113. Karen Lockridge, Ontario
114. Jennifer McLaughlin, Ontario
115. Dan Rames, Ontario
116. Chris Rider, Yukon
117. Vicky Sharpe, Ontario
118. Linda Sword, Ontario
119. Serguei Tchertok, Ontario
120. Puninda Thind, Ontario
121. Kate Whalen, Ontario

Unless specifically listed above, Clean50 sponsors, and those not listed have not publicly endorsed the statement.